PME is a unique mobile device data collection and analysis system for eDiscovery and other markets.

PME is client and case focused, so we are very attuned to the needs of the industry. Feedback from those that have seen PME has been exceptionally positive, from all aspects of the solution
  • Legal

  • Flexible

  • Advanced technology (AI driven) solution

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PME is an outgrowth of Patented AI technology

PME was designed and built by data scientists.  PME approaches mobile eDiscovery data from a different standpoint, and implements elements of Machine Learning, with more complex AI capabilities to come in the next release.

Current Benefits of PME

Futures of PME

Coming in next release

Patented Image Recognition technology for all types of images (non-text), including handwriting, to be included for no additional charge

Patented Security solution based on Sertainty ( SDK technology for the most advanced data provenance and data security in the industry.


  • PME website and materials
  • “On the fly” Machine Learning based document translations from within PME
  • PME Application

Social Media data

Additional feature enhancements

  • More data sources.
  • Import and Export enhancements.
  • API direct integration to major eDiscovery vendors.
  • AI enhancements to the Data Filtering and Search system.
  • Voice interaction – talk to PME.
  • Additional features from Users’ requests and suggestions.
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The PME Team

Our team are exceptional business technologists from around the world, using technology to solve critical market problems

Jon Kaufman is the CEO of PME. Jon has led many startups and been a business leader for many years.  He is a recognized industry expert. Jon’s expertise in creating business value via technology is well known
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PME Credentials

  • The PME team are iOS and Android certified developers.
  • PME has over twenty (20) Provisional Patents in the process of being filed.
  • PME is an outgrowth of our Patented AI technology based on Tensor Calculus.
  • - this link is used as a reference and educational purposes only.
  • AI is a spectrum, and the PME team has significant real-world experience across the AI spectrum.
  • We also hold the Microsoft EV CSC certificate, which allows us to implement Microsoft Operating System, kernel level code. This is a substantial certification that is given after a thorough vetting of a company’s business and technical capabilities.
  • Our direct and extended team members have, in total, hundreds of years of technical and global business experience.

Technology Partners

The PME Technology Partners enable our clients to deploy and use PME in a variety of frameworks.

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CRG Solutions is your partner in helping you manage your IT decision-making process. We help you navigate the confusion in the “as-a-service” technology marketplace.With CRG Solutions on your team, you can leverage our expertise to identify the technology best suited to achieve your business outcomes.
Cirrustel partner icon

We provide unbiased and neutral consultation for developing strategies to implement Next-Gen IT, Utility Optimization and Sustainability Solutions that fit your business model.
k3 partner icon

K3 is a specialized group that is highly experienced at orchestrating strategic teaming partnerships with motivated companies pursuing government contracts. Our solutions are designed to address a company’s limitations of enhancing their government presence while leveraging their strengths, capabilities, and reputation.
ourconnections partner icon

OurConnections is an exclusive AT&T Solution Provider and Staffing Partner. They design, price, contract and implement AT&T’s full portfolio of Services. They have been a top selling AT&T Solution Provider for five years in a row having implemented services in over 7,000 customer locations. OurConnections will be providing connectivity and cybersecurity consulting and implementation Services for PME.
sertainty partner icon

A leader in zero-trust data privacy and self-protecting data, Sertainty provides companies in a wide range of industries with data tracking, compliance, security, and governance with their Sertainty Data Privacy Platform. The company is also known as a thought leader in cybersecurity, having established partnerships with other industry pioneers and providing consulting services for the United States Department of Defense through Sertainty Federal Systems.

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Sign up for a conversation and free trial of PME. You will not regret the investment of your time.  Our team is looking forward to speaking with you and showing how PME can assist you. PME is also looking for industry partnerships as well.  All data is treated confidentially and NOT shared in any manner. PME believes that your data is your data.

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